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It is easy to go out and buy every peice of tech avalaible for paranormal investigations however, a few basic pieces of equipment is all you need to begin. 

voice recorder

A Voice Recorder:- This device is great for capturing EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or any sounds that may be made whilst on an investigation. These devices vary in size, storage and price but you can pick one of for a very reasonable price (starting from £10 upwards) 

EMF Metres:- The main use for a EMF metre is to check areas for high levels of EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) as a high EMF exposure can cause a variety of symptoms in which could could be seen as paranormal experiences. this also gives a base line reading of the room, so if your in a place where there is no electricity and you are getting spikes on your metre then it is a possibility that a spirt is trying to communicate and maybe using your electronics for manifestation. EMF metres can be bought fairly cheap depending on what you wish.

k2 emf metre
finger poijnting at the reader

YOU: You are the best paranormal tool you can have, as you can hear, sense, feel, see, smell the environment....  As long as you don't jump at every little sound or movement and keep a rational head upon your shoulders then you will be ascertain if that knock was the door or a ghost

Torch: Garanteed that you will be investigating in the dark or places with little to no light, so torches are the most essential piece of equpiment you'll need, enablling you to see any trip hazards (dog poo too if its outside) coming your way.


once your got the basics, you may want to venture out and splash some cash of some bigger pieces of equipment and there are many place to visit for get a deal. Here are the Paranormal Penny Pinchers recommended places.

Infraready is a well established and well known throughout the paranormal community. Andy and his team are a very dedicated to enhancing the way we conduct our investigation, by constantly inventing and developing new and improved items for use on investigation. click on the logo to see what they have to offer you.

 Andy Guy has designed his eqipment to be used alongside standard investigation techniques meaning little impact on how you do things. It can be used to backup results you get from your current kit, or give another source of evidence. It's designed to be super easy to deploy, so on a busy investigation you only need to find a good place to leave it, then switch it on!

Each device is equipped to alert you by sight (lights) or sound (audio) meaning you can set it down and continue to investigate how you prefer, all the while receiving alerts/notifying you when an occurrence happens across the room or in another location



There are few people out there who are just out to scam you or produce inferior products that either don't do what they say they do or in some case set in fire whilst charging. one these people that you need to be aware of is John Tanner at Paranormal Electronics.  there are many reports of his poor quality equipment and not delivering his products.  PLEASE do not try to order from these people.  please make sure to check out reviews of the sellers before commiting to buy

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