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Who are the Paranormal Penny Pinchers???

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We are a small team just starting out in the field of paranormal investigating. All of us here have had experiences with the paranormal and have come together to create our own little team. A few of us have been on public investigations with the haunted hunts and this is where our influence came from. We are starting out from scratch with a number of homemade devices created using Youtube videos.


We at paranormal penny Pinchers are only Interested in developing our investigation skills and creating a good network of people who are willing and able to help us hone our skills and find locations to investigate. The name itself come from the fact that we don't have the cash to splash on expensive equipment and have bought and made items that do what the expensive equipment does but at half the cost.


From me: Jon - Lead Investigator

and the rest of the team

Sam - Team Empath/Investigator

Stacey--Investigator and co founder

Dave- Lead Researcher/ Skeptic

Stewart - Researcher/Lead Skeptic

Belle -  investigator and medium 

Thank you for joining us.,  on our continued incredible journey into the world of the unknown......

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