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The one stop place to find your favourite public investigations in the UK.

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If your are looking for your next public investigation the teams who provide this service can be found in the A-Z sections.

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Go Ghost has been created by Paranormal Penny Pinchers, as one stop place to find all your public and team share paranormal investigations from many groups spanning the country far and wide. Paranormal Penny Pinchers had noticed that events pages were saturated with the same paranormal groups posting their venues and others groups were getting lost within the sea of posts.


After finding a venue we were interested in  Jon told the group about it, almost lost the link due to not being able to find which  events page we had found it on. we were only able to book it because Jon had the venues page up in his browser. This got us thinking how could we find other groups hosting public investigations, without spending hours trawling through Facebook?

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